1. Why Sell?
    Why are you looking to sell your property? Are you looking to upgrade? Are you looking to down size? Do you want to live closer to your parents? Is work too far away at the moment? You should ask yourself what is the main reason why you are selling your property. There can be many little reasons as to why you are selling.
  2. What's the Market like?
    Is the market hot? Has it slowed down? Should I wait until it gets busier? We are in the business 24/7, so we can guide you as to what you should do at this moment to the best of our ability. Finding what your property is worth is really important and our team can help you with that today.
  3. Preparation #1
    The first part of preparation is the curb appeal. You must clean up the front and rear of the home to the max ability. You never know if someone is walking or driving buy to view homes. That could be the selling feature that could bring in an offer at any moment.
  4. Preparation #2
    Interior staging is a large part of the selling process. We have a team that is able to help you move furniture around to the proper position depending on the design of the home. Sometimes things are too crowded in a home so it doesn't entice buyers to come view the property. Staging is a very important part that must be considered.
  5. Accepting an offer
    The price won't be what you want every single time. Sometimes the price is better than expected. You can trust our professionals to help you thoroughly evaluate every proposal that comes in to help you with the current market value.
  6. Buying your next home
    Your're not quite done yet! You need to know where you're going next! Once the offer has been accepted and everything is completed, closing dates have to be set. Same goes for when you buy your future home as well.
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